For Developers

The MIT Core Concept Catalog (MC3) has been developed, first and foremost, as a software service, and exposes its full functionality through service interfaces. In fact, MC3 itself has no native GUI, every user-facing application is using these service interfaces. Our goal in doing this is to make MC3 and its data available to software developers at MIT and elsewhere who we expect will come up with more interesting and valuable applications than the MC3 team at ODL can currently imagine.

MC3's RESTful interface is available through the Handcar application on as well as on the MC3 development servers. Handcar provides authenticated REST/JSON access to MC3 and all of the underlying services including the MC3 Learning service (which manages learning Objectives, Activities and related things in access-controlled catalogs called Objective Banks), a native Repository service (which manages URL based Assets and related data), and a Relationship service (used to draw relationships between entities).

The complete Handcar API reference can be found at

In addition, the MC3 team is creating a developer guide currently available on Google Drive. This is not yet complete, but should provide enough information to help anyone get started with MC3 application development

Please feel free to email us a with any questions, or if you wish to have access to an MC3 development site to support your own software project