Crosslinks 3.0

Ever want to remind yourself of the divergence theorem from 18.02, long forgotten by the time you find yourself needing it in 16.100 or 8.07? Ever wonder what use will eventually be made of strange beasts like eigenvalues and eigenvectors you meet in 18.03 or 18.06?

Crosslinks manages and exposes linkages between different topics taught at MIT. The new version, Crosslinks 3.0, has been developed using the Core Concept Catalog. It relies on activities being undertaken across MIT to document curricular topic models, and provides a new approach to navigating content in OCW and elsewhere

The original Crosslinks wiki is the fruit of an Alumni Class Funds grant. Development of Crosslinks2 was undertaken with resources made available through the Office of Digital Learning. Crosslinks3 is supported in part by Alumni Class Funds, the Lord Foundation, and the MIT Office of Digital Learning.

Crosslinks has benefited from the help of many people including:


Haynes R. Miller (

Karen Willcox (


Chad Lieberman (2013)


Danielle Hicks (2013)

Carmela Lao (2015)

Katherine Nazemi (2014-2015)

Emma Nelson (2014-2015)


Luwen Huang

Jeff Merriman

Cole Shaw

Peter Wilkins

Norm Wright

Educational Advisors

Heidi Burgiel